Before Ordering

What ages are your bean bags suitable for?

We usually recommend that our bean bags are suitable for use from birth, up to eight years old, or until your child weighs 30kg, whichever comes sooner. Overloading of your bean bag can potentially cause bursting or flattening of beans.

Do you have any other styles other than the ones on your site?

Our website is the most up to date reflection of the products that we stock. We are constantly looking for and creating new designs for our baby bean bags.

To keep up to date on our latest styles, bookmark our website, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter, Instagram.

Can I select a different top cover to the one pictured with the design?

All designs are part of a set, however top covers can be purchased separately and are listed under accessories.


Caring for my bean bag

How do I clean my bean bag?

The top covers are machine washable on a 30 degree cycle. We recommend that the top covers are left to air dry or put on a radiator, please do not put in a dryer. The base of the bean bag can be wiped down with a damp cloth and a mild soap solution.

I've had my bean bag for a while and it’s no longer as supportive as it was when it first arrived. What can I do?

This is perfectly normal. Over a period of time with constant weight being applied, the beads inside your bean bag will deform and flatten. If you would like to revitalise your bean bag, you can order more beans under the accessories part of our website!


When is it safe to change from the harness to the toddler cover?

We recommend using the harness cover until your little one is mobile or is able to sit without support. 

Can I lay my baby on their tummy?

Lots of parents like to put their babies on their tummy whilst on their bean bags, as it can provide relief for colic and reflux. If doing so, please ensure that the baby is supervised at all times, never leave the baby unattended. If you are putting your baby on their tummy, please ensure that it is for short periods of time only, fully supervised.

Can my baby sleep on their bean bags?

Our bean bags meet all safety requirements and are suitable for short, supervised naps during the day. Our bean bags are not designed for sleeping in for long periods.

How much filling should be in my bean bag?

We provide the maximum amount for the bean bag. This will ensure that the bean bag is firm to support your baby's  spine and posture. As the baby grows, the filling should be reduced. When the baby is able to sit up, a 1/4 of the filling should be removed (more may be required depending on the size and weight of your baby).


My order won’t process on your site, what can I do?

If you have made an attempt to make a payment for your order directly through our site and it has been refused, please contact us and we will help you to place your order either online or over the phone.

How do I know my order has been received?

When ordering from us you will receive a email confirming that your order has been received and is currently being processed. Please check your delivery and order details to make sure that they are correct and contact us immediately if there are any incorrect details.

If you are unable to locate your confirmation email, please always check your junk folder.

I picked the wrong cover, can I exchange it?

If you inform us of your mistake before your order is dispatched, we will be happy to make the amendments to your order. If your order has been dispatched, you will need to pay to return it to us, at which point we can exchange your order for your preferred design.

How do I fill my bean bag?

Filling your bean bag is quick and easy, thanks to our easy fill stockette netting. To fill your bean bag, with two people, simply follow the below instructions and your bean bag will be ready for your baby to use in no time at all.

Step 1 – Untie the knot at the top of your stockette bag of beans. Unzip the filling opening at the back of your baby bean bag and the internal filling zip.
Step 2 – Place the opening of your stockette bag through the internal filling zip. Hold firmly in place. Raise the stockette bag, so that the beans pour into the bean bag.
Step 3 – Once the majority of beans are in the bean bag, zip up both filling zips and test for firmness. Adjust the firmness of the bean bag by adding or removing filling. It is important that your baby sinks in to the bean bag, to ensure that they can not overturn the bean bag.
Step 4 – Your bean bag is ready to go. You can now discard the easy fill stockette. If you’d like to use the bean bag for a toddler, simply unzip the harness top cover and zip on the harness free alternative top cover.

Alternatively, you can now chose our pre-filled option.


What does pre fill my bean bag mean?


If you choose the pre fill option, your bean bag will come already filled in our warehouse and will not be required to transfer any beans. You will receive the bean bag cover flat packed in a seal bag, for hygiene reasons. You will simply need to open up the bean bag cover, place the filling bag inside and zip on the required cover!

Please note: You may need to reduce the filling to suit the size and weight of your baby. You can email us at hello@beanbagplanet.co.uk if you require any help or support!